Vietnam offers beautiful smiles

Vietnam has good reason to place its Dental Tourism system as an emblematic economic sector.

The first reason is that its dental treatments are of a high medical quality but not excessively expensive. That Asian country has launched an official website called Vietnam Dental Tourism.

The new digital page offers users information on dental implants, porcelain veneer, teeth whitening and deep cleaning.

There are links to dental clinics, travel agencies and medical travel agencies, where some offer dental packages. Links with agencies and hotels are being built worldwide.

Most patients that receive dental treatments in Vietnam every year are from Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Canada. Dental care in that countries is very expensive. For example, the health insurance plan in US only covers very basic dental care and over 50 million American go on about their lives without any dental coverage.

This happens despite the fact that when we start to age, damage to our teeth and gums can call for extensive restorative and reconstructive surgeries that cost significantly and are only for people of big budget.

Dental tourism is part of the tourism industries in Vietnam.

Dental tourism is part of the larger medical tourism industries where patients opt for quality health care facilities in other countries due to lower prices. The scope of dental tourism is broad because everyone might be in need of dental care.

Vietnamese experts claim that the country offers some of the very best dental care facilities someone can find outside the Western world. Using just U.S. as an example, a standard dental implant treatment can cost you $5,000 and more. While in Vietnam, you only have to pay about $1,900, which is almost one third the price.

For Vietnam is good business also.

One-hundred-thousand foreign dental tourists, nearly US$150 million of revenue per year – and rising.

Thailand got dental tourism going decades ago. In Vietnam this hasn’t happened yet. That’s because a dental tourism destination needs an impeccable reputation as a center of excellence.

In this spirit, more and more clinics are pushing to create an association in a joint effort to set common standards and promote Vietnam as a dental tourism destination, according to local experts.

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