Why live under stress?

Living under stress is like to have an  invisible enemy. It cannot be touched. However, sometimes as with air in the middle of a storm we can feel its strength.

In modern world, this condition is very common. It has been thoroughly studied by science.There are many results and answers.

Stress increases in our extremely active, chaotic and paradoxical societies,  is perhaps more than a human being can resist without damage.

A feeling of being under stress.

This pressure can come from increased workload, a transitional period, an argument or financial worries.It can even be generated by bad news in a television newscast.

According to experts, the first advice to combat stress is to identify the causes and separate those that have a practical solution from which that nothing can be done.

Stress detectors are offered

Stress seems to be so disturbing in modern life that digital “stress detectors” of just a few minutes of testing are offered.  in Internet.

The most used test is that of very short questions that require very short answers.

Common questions about stress could be strained?, No sense of getting ahead?, Odds were against you?, There wasn’t enough time to get to everything?, Had a lot on your mind?

The response alternatives provided by digital detectors are A lot, Very often, Sometimes, Rarely or Never.

The “stress detector” tests result in a measure of how deep your tensions are. However, the individual who suffers can be much more complex.

Why are we under stress?

Many specialists advise that the first thing for fight stress requires a talk with oneself. A very private examination.

A guide can also be followed. The most frequent suggestions are an autoreview of your lifestyle. Experts think that in the act of answer to these questions, you may need to prioritize things you are trying to achieve and  then re-organize your life.

This will help to release pressure that can come from trying to do everything in order to help protect yourself from stress.

Advice from doctors

Doctors also warning about smoking and drinking alcohol, and propose integrate physical exercise into your lifestyle as it can be very effective in relieving stress.

A frequent and good advice is please, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to keep things in perspective.

Even if the level of stress is difficult to bear.

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Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor

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