A good tip: age with optimism

Millions of people around the world keep the same secret: the desire to age in a healthier way.

Age with optimism. It is not impossible

Experts believe there are several ways to try to reach old age who are still willing to take the best of life.

They mention an essential element in the formula: optimism.

Recent studies indicate that pessimism closes the doors to people’s well-being even long before they reach old age.

The pessimist “dies drowned before crossing the river,” says a Central American axiom.

Instead, optimism is a key that could lead people to try to know what can be done to keep the body in shape despite the “damn years.”

Surely a long time ago it was shown that, for the health of an older adult, it is essential to keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control, among other parameters.

It is also true that seeing life as an open door and not about to close is a crucial help to grow old.

Body, mind and optimism in old age.

If you think that walking every day and exercising exposes you to dangers, especially accidental ones, you have a losing battle.

This does not mean that you have to jump into the sea to fight the giant waves, or sunbathe at all costs, or run or jump obstacles and climb mountains without proper study of their possibilities.

It will be good to find a healthy logic for a healthy body.

Doctors advise to take into account the stages of life and assume them differently.

Life is an invincible opponent as time passes.

We all accept reality. Age with optimism

But science backed by welfare behaviors can provide us with better health at an advanced age.

Doctors advise that diets not be improvised. The one who needs should be chosen individually with the help of specialists and never leave that complex task to market enthusiasts.

“When I was younger I could climb the stairs fast and without losing my breath.”

“I used to eat any food, no matter how strong I was and didn’t even feel it”

Pessimism would be to think that we have lost something.

Be bold or naive?

Those who defend optimism about aging prefer to enrich such statements with bold elements without naivety.

“Before I could climb the stairs quickly and without losing my breath. Today I climb them, pausing, but without problems,” it would be a more optimistic statement.

Optimism should lead people to get regular physical checkups.

The optimist’s plans will move with life, over the years.

Health fights the years. But time makes us wise to reach the welfare goals that each age allows us to achieve.

Wellness Destiny / Photo: Orna Wachman (Pixabay)

Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor