Music is excellent for health.  Also for tourism

Music can offer a mixture of peace and delight that transforms the rhythm into an incomparable spiritual stimulus and brings comfort to the human being, to the body.

That is also true for the world tourism industry.

Innumerable experiences show that is an instrument with ample possibilities to attract travelers.

Even scientific investigations have reached the same conclusions when studying only facts.

There is growing evidence that the active creation of music can affect physical and psychological health and a variety of cognitive functions.

And that is also an excellent offer from the international tourism industry.

Musical trips

Many promoters looking for new tourist offers around the world to sell seem to have overlooked the power of music for a long time.

However the so-called musical tourism is growing more rapidly within the mix of tourism in general.

Even  statistics indicate that the musical notes have already gained the attention of a good part of the authorities of the tourist destinations.

Music is able to cross national borders leaving behind other products that are rejected because are not national.

Currently long-distance travelers have in their agenda the goal of learning more about music in distant places.

Music tourism is also closely linked to dance tourism and heritage.

Soul music, entertainment and good for health.

In India the right energy and the positive flow of energy are essential for environmental well-being, according to religious and tour operators.

Indian music is used as a therapy to treat mood disorders, motivational technique as a rehabilitation tool.

Doctors and experts in that country believe that the use of Indian music helps motivate patients who significantly improve their mind, body and breathing.

It is also a powerful attraction for international tourists as in other parts of the world.

Caribbean music

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has declared 2019 as the Year of Festivals in the Caribbean.

Throughout 2019, “the region celebrates the unique rhythm of each destination in the Caribbean,” according to a CTO spokesperson.

The  Festivals are promoted through social media and traditional media channels and creates opportunities for travelers and vacation planners to share their experiences.

These celebrations are dedicated to music, art, sailing, lights, food, rum, religion, literature and dance in all regional destinations.

Wellness Destination. Photo by Nishant Aneja from Pexels

Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor