Rejuvenation or tourists radical renovation

Hotel operators worldwide have discovered that self-care and rejuvenation services are key points for travelers who want to experience a radical renovation during their vacations.

According to an analysis on the subject published by the digital magazine Travel Daily News International “Beauty packages” should be placed in a prominent position to attract the attention of travelers.

Products  should be carefully selected to guarantee its high quality.

Beauty and well-being

In addition, it is important to offer products in travel packages that travelers can take on their next flight.

Hotels clearly play an important role in this, as they become the “temporary residences” of travelers during their vacations and the reference point for this special experience.

The authors of the article state that hotels have ample opportunities to provide an improved holistic wellness experience through beauty and wellness services.

Radical rejuvenation for tourists

This modality also means a potential to increase the income of a hotel not only through the Spa facilities, but also in other areas, such as rooms, shops in the hotel and beauty facilities.

This inspires managers to develop special beauty and wellness facilities and organize beauty events in collaboration with local experts.

They are based on the fact that during their vacations, travelers “are always eager to look their best.”

A renovated tourist is a satisfied guest

Crucial services to meet them are hairdressing, especially for the female audience, slimming sessions, and anti-aging treatments.

Many hotels continue to approach the concept of medical tourism along that path.

The Medical Tourism Market in 2018 amassed massive revenue USD 226,762.7 million at a CAGR of 21.4% till 2023

That worldwide tourism market is now eyeing a quadruple growth during the forecast period (2017-2023); from a decent USD 70,836.9 million to a staggering USD 226,762.7 million.

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