Trips to the moon for fun only. No well-being

The tourist trips in groups to space are very close and one of the special offers will be a trip to circumnavigate the moon.

Private companies from several countries, including eternal rivals of the cosmos like the United States and Russia, are preparing for that very expensive, lunar jump.

Surely the offer will be full of adventure and fun. But with an absolute absence of welfare and health for travelers, experts warning.

Scientific studies that began in the years of the decade of the 60s with the start of the competitive Space Age have accumulated in the last half century more and more data on the effects of the space conditions.

Probably the fun from the very beginning of the tourist trip to the moon will be achieved only at times during the journey.

Or perhaps when after the return to Mother Earth the traveler thinks about the experience as a great adventure and individual triumph.

Immediately after starting the engines, the human body disturbances will begin.

Astronauts have fun but get sick

The very complex and accurate studies on the effects of space stays for human beings indicate that those tourists can expect nausea.

Also a small dose of radiation, and — possibly — friction among their group, as a result of their isolation.

The companies involved in this new space race coincide in calculating that the trip to the moon, only to circumvent it, will last  between four and five days as the tourists trace a figure-eight around the Earth, the Moon, and back again.

It will be inevitable as the rocket speeds away from Earth the passengers will be hit by forces of acceleration up to three times the force gravity they’re accustomed to on the ground, or 3 Gs.

“That can put a strain on the heart as it struggles to pump blood to the head. If the passengers aren’t positioned correctly, the blood could drain from their brains into their feet and they might pass out”, according to scientists and experts.

That will force the “space tour operators” to control the health of their customers while the flight is underway.

Thats mean an important screen of the space tourists to confirm their hearts are healthy enough for the trip in order to avoid people fainting or having heart attacks.

Four or five days of space travel is not small thing even for professional astronauts.

A study published by an expert of the University of Texas Medical Branch assure that a tourist in that period of discomfort will need anti-nausea medications and although can be problematic for astronauts responsible for critical operations because the drugs can make them sleepy.

Take me in the trips to the moon

All data and studies indicate that tourists-astronauts will need an advance training to make the trip.

Eating, a very important matter for a all normal tourists is an underwhelming experience in space.

Tastes are muted because of low gravity–induced nasal congestion that inter­feres with your sense of smell, like eating with a cold.

This will be a very different detail from the rest of the existing tourist modalities. No tour operator would require its clients, for example, to train to bathe in the tropical sea.

However,  the companies involved in the new space race trust that there are hundreds of people around the world shouting “take me to the moon” and with enough money to pay for the extremely expensive passage.

A California-based company announced plans to send soon a passenger into lunar orbit aboard a monster rocket.

The prices that are announced for that type of lunar trip are millionaires. The bypass of the Earth can cost between 200,000 and 500,000 dollars.

For these prices, it should not be expected that Space Tourism will rapidly become massive.

But that kind of tourism will be one of the modalities of more income of the industry with no wellness included.

Wellness Destiny / Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor

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