Wellness Attraction: Would you like to be buried in the desert?

A new wellness attraction for an adventurer. It would be worthwhile to visit the Sahara desert and be buried in its sands although only as one of the attractions of wellness tourism.

Only a few decades ago, tribal nomads who settled in the desert had to adapt to the changing circumstances of the hard place.

But, they soon discovered that burying themselves in the sand could be much more than a grim experience.

Buried in the desert a wellness attraction

In our days members of previously nomadic tribes are running hotels and restaurants on the edge of a sea of sand dunes.

Tourists who visit every year many of the warmest deserts in the world tend to stay buried up to their necks in the hot sand for therapies that last approximately 10 minutes.

Despite looking like a gloomy method, visitors said the method is excellent for curing those suffering from rheumatism, low back pain, polyarthritis and some skin disorders.

All claim that this therapy has an effect similar to a sauna session.

Feel warm and healthy buried in  the desert

The sauna and the sand seem to have similar consequences.

Both methods help purge the body of poisonous toxins, according to members of a local tribe dedicated to health and well-being.

An excellent way to relax is to be buried in desert sand

A sand bath in the Sahara costs up to 10 euros ($ A15), and when the “patients” shake the sand, they wrap themselves in warm towels to avoid the shock of a sudden cooling of the body. Really is a perfect business for health and adventure.

Tourism is a cornerstone of Morocco’s economy, since it contributes 10 percent of the gross domestic product.

Few places on earth compare to the Sahara desert, a natural wonder of vast plains and sun-drenched dunes that dominate the south and east of Morocco. Specially because is the largest desert in the world covers more than 5.6 million square miles (9 million square kilometers) in several countries.

Wellness attraction in Sahara sand and mountains

Surrounded by the Atlas mountains, the sands of the Sahara are one of the many highlights of Morocco.

These wonders justify the rare admiration and even the love that many travelers feel for the desert.

Sahara is An incredible landscape, fun activities and a fascinating history during a trip of 3 days and 2 nights.

You will find fascinating historical sites, such as a Roman amphitheater declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

With a little imagination you can feel the effects of a resurrection by experiencing your own burial in the sand.

And ten minutes later you will feel reborn.

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Frank Martin

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