Wellness: Culture is an ally

Statistics affirm that one out of every five tourist trips in the world is linked to welfare.

About 60% of those travelers will fulfill their desire to feel good by taking walks, visiting a spa and receiving beauty treatments.

Also for entering in a magical world that is culture.

Cultural tourism is closely linked to the active and psychological rest of people, scientists claim.

Short stays of 3 or 4 days in contact with culture in any of its forms are excellent for achieving well-being.

A small town, a remote city never visited before, a region or a country can provide unique opportunities to know stories, events, ancestral human behavior, music and arts.

Culture and Tourism o Well-being

Everything together will bring satisfactions in order to break the everyday life coldness.

Studies indicate that for the tourism of well-being it is essential to break the possible “monotonies” of stays of sun and sea and beauty treatments.

A healthy cooking training can turn a vacation into an attractive oasis.

Culture has great welfare advantages. The cultural objectives always surround the traveler in an unknown destination for him. All tourist travel has a cultural implication.

For many, tourism without cultural purposes is not really tourism.

The cultural, geographical and historical richness of a place tends to benefit individuals, especially when they are young and eager to know new facets and human edges.

Wellness Destination

Gastronomy is culture and can be health. The architecture and its traditions, awaken a full and unexplored world.

A wellness destination emerges in the midst of spiritual, intellectual and amid an effective atmosphere formed by cultural things.

Certain travelers seek well-being in religions, mysterious rites, mountains, remote paths, faunas never seen before and in very different cultures, remote and sometimes very painfully despised.

Around the world there are archaeological sites such as Tulum, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, the Egypt pyramids, the great monuments of Rome.

The craftsmanship of unique and humble people sometimes assumes a volume of greatness when they “enter” into the spirit of each one.

Everything becomes well-being once you come to understand what was partially or totally unknown.

Wellness Destiny

Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor

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