To enjoy the summer, an inflatable yacht

To enjoy the summer vacation you just need joy and … an inflatable yacht.

To get this new object of summer desire you can go to Amazon, where you can find everything, as in the Vineyard of the Lord. Or almost everything.

This summer the inflatable yacht is a star product of that online sales service. It is what some call “the yacht of the poor”.

It is an inflatable yacht with capacity for 6 people (and cooler) called Bay Breeze Boat Party Island.

The boat’s manufacturers indicate that it is perfect for use on land or water and designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation.

Its price on Amazon is 299.99 dollars, with free shipping in the United States.

The inflatable boat weighs 30 kilos, is 6 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. It can be inflated in 20 minutes. It has a platform to go down into the water.

This floating mattress became the object of desire for vacationers in 2019.

Inflatable Yacht instead of the Pink Flamingo

The inflatable yacht would replaces the pink flamingo as the previous year most popular summer article.

But, it is not really a boat or a yacht. It’s a giant inflatable mattress… like the flamingo.

In fact it is not even sold with oars because its objective is not to sail but to float.

Anyway, the summer industry offers a good range of options for those who like to enjoy the beach and the sea.

Due to its size and weight it is ideal to travel by road, as it fits perfectly in the trunk of a car.

Traveling outside the country with this “yacht” can be more complicated, unless you have an extra 30 kilograms for your luggage.

Another option is to buy it online at the destination.

The inflatable yacht adds the possibility to spend a good time floating on the water with a cold beer at hand and live a small party. But-remember-always drink in moderation.

Wellness Destiny / Photo: Amazon