Italian wine plus Caribbean cocktails

The Mediterranean diet has the unique virtue of combine and balance the food so as to satisfy the qualitative and quantitative needs of an individual and in a sense, preserving  his health.

In other words this diet gives the individual the opportunity to eat what his or her taste requires without breaking the well-being that the food could offer to their health.

It must be for those universal qualities that at a business meeting in Havana next April experts will show a fusion between excellent Italian wines, Cuban rum and exotic fruits.

Mediterranean diet is a worldwide wellness

The Mediterranean region tradition offers a cousine rich in colors, aromas and memories, which support the taste and the spirit of those who live in harmony with nature.

The diet, including the Italian food  is a nutritional model so universally appreciated that belongs to the worldwide cultural, historical, social, territorial and environmental  life and is closely related to the lifestyle of the Mediterranean peoples throughout their history.

Italian businesswomen to the Caribbean

The universality of the Mediterranean diet will be one of the topics  in the agenda of Italian businesswomen and from other parts of the world in an international forum scheduled for next April to be held in Havana.

In general terms, Italian women will meet to share their experiences, proposals and suggestions on the promotion of well-being as a central factor of personal and professional lifestyle.

The goal is to educate young generations in the balanced consumption. The organizers prepared a training course guided by important nutritional concepts like that cooking means giving emotion with creativity and talent.

Health and appetite

Experts will recommend appropriate ingredients with which anybody cooks appetizing and healthy dishes.

The business meeting will not be limited to the culinary art. There will be an exhibition area to promote products, services, equipment, magazines and publications, which will allow an excellent commercial opportunity.

“Good health is the basis of everything” is the central idea or the International Workshop of Women Entrepreneurs from Italy that will take place in Havana since April 10th to 12th”, an organizers said.

Studies linked to health care, healthy and active lifestyle and the use of products with high nutritional properties will be on the agenda.

Experts will show solutions to improve the lifestyle in the personal and professional environment.

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