Yoga for wellness and for health

Most of the people who choose a yoga experience on holidays look for a place that assures them the most absolute physical and spirit wellness.

Yoga tourism is generally submersed under the category of meditation tourism, holistic tourism, spa/wellness tourism or spiritual tourism.  A yoga farm can be a good place and can be found all over the world.

If someone demanding wants to link their vacations to yoga, peace and nature, they can choose, for example Punta Banco, in a remote area of Costa Rica. Visitors said the roads to that lead to it are unpaved.

There Mother Nature is Queen Nature also.

The farm organizes 6 days a week, one session of 1.5 hours on the yoga deck of the place included in the price of your stay, incredible low.

On the Yoga Farm your day revolves around a set meal schedule, daily yoga class and maybe a few chores on the farm for those volunteering, wrote in her blog an European tourist who was in one of those farms in Asia.

Experts estimates that a typical yoga tourism consumer is a highly educated, high income, middle aged, well-traveled, healthy, exercising, professional, social, and intellectual woman who is already committed to yoga practice for a long time.

Data showed that 47.8% of these females traveled with friends but not family, and 27.5% of them traveled solo.

They added that today, many people are taking up yoga techniques for physical exercise, and most don’t know the history of yoga.

The believers said however that the practice of yoga is much more than a system of physical exercise for health.

A definition assure that Yoga is an ancient path to spiritual growth, and originates out of India where Hinduism is practiced. The practice and goal of yoga dates back to the Upanishads, written between 1000-5000 BC.

One of the main questions about Yoga is Can the methods used in the yoga techniques for exercising be separated from the philosophy?

Some experts answer no because yoga is considered to be a practice of psychosomatic exercises.

Yoga for Wellness

Yoga is part of wellness tourism sector that is becoming one of the most lucrative tourism markets in the world. Wellness tourism includes travelling with the motive of promoting general well-being and good health through psychological, physical and spiritual activities.

One type or wellness tourists plan their travel around the various wellness activities such as spas, yoga and meditation, and health resorts.

Many travelers prefer yoga and meditation for the treatment of serious conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Almost every single tourist worldwide are looking for new ways of relaxation and powerful ways to re-energize themselves.

People prefer quaint wellness locations to take a break from the fast moving urban life and enjoy the destination to rejuvenate their personal health.

Nevertheless, more and more frequently they prefer Yoga.

Wellness Destiny /  Photo: Sofie Zborilova

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