Barbados: A medical rank tourist’s paradise

Barbados is a very versatile Caribbean island in terms of offering visitors a great diversity of attractions for an active holiday. It is also a high-ranking medical destination.

Following the steps of countries that seek to expand possibilities of their tense economies with medical tourism attention the island has opened its way with fertility treatments that already raise the interest of those patients who must pay high prices in their home countries for this type of care.

A Barbadian fertility clinic has won the attention of American couples seeking affordable solutions.

Is a medical specialized center in providing in-vitro fertilization treatment, a process for women and couples looking to achieve pregnancy. Clinic spokespersons assure that many of their patients hail from the United State.

The Barbadian center has seen in recent years a steady growth of Americans looking for more cost-effective care. Now more than 50 percent of all the new patients come from the United States, particularly from Florida, according to Barbadian medical sources.

Usually patients are from various backgrounds, including some Caribbean-Americans who naturally consider the region as an option, as well as patients from Canada and Australia.

Barbados Fertility Center is JCI-accredited.

The average costs of in-vitro fertilization in most countries can be between 12,000 USD to 18,000 USD. The price for the same treatment at the Barbados Fertility Centre is less than half of that, and can cost 6,000 American dollars.

There are cost savings to be had in the island also, with IVF fees, for example, running around half the price quoted in most US fertility centers.

The treatment they use in the island became popular in the 70s and is now a very popular method for couples consider when they want to start families.

Barbados Fertility Centre (for assisted reproductive technologies) is JCI-accredited.

The natural environment in Barbados, with a great diversity of wildlife, can be an incentive for couples who receive treatment on the island.

For nature lovers Barbados offer the picturesque and tropical Welchman Hall Gully in St. Thomas, as well as the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, set in the natural mahogany woods of rural St. Peter. The Barbadean botanical gardens are really specials.                                     

The Caribbean region’s white sand beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and welcoming hospitality attract health travelers who appreciate short travel times, a chance to mix healthcare with a vacation in a culturally familiar environment.

An expanded proposal in the Caribbean islands is take advantage of their natural surroundings to build a wellness tourism industry.

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