Women and men on vacation. Separately

More and more women and men around the world prefer to make their tourist trips in exclusive groups of both sexes separately.

The holiday unisex does not bore, according to surveys.

Statistics indicate that the holiday groups of that profile are increasing.

Tour operator agencies based on surveys and social and market studies are offering the best for one sex or another.

Experts say women have preferences for a “well-being” free time, although they do not usually neglect an adrenaline burden.

This is the case of a travel agency in United States that offers its female clients motorcycle trips throughout the country.

The California agency is called Motobird Adventures and offers tours full of difficulties and challenges, according to the promotion.

Its director , a bold lady, says to have 10,000 kilometers traveled on two wheels even in intricate paths.

Lady said “the goal is not to leave men out, but rather to focus attention on women on what is a hobby dominated primarily by men,” according to the firm.

Motobird says it has a very feminine psychological purpose.

This is to empower clients to develop more entrenched relationships with each other.

That because “unisex” specialty has had a good success worldwide.

The students of the new tendency to the vacations separation of the sexes affirm that even men integrate to more and more groups of that type although they are still reticent.

They do not reach preference for such holidays as women, but they seem to be on their way.

In addition to drinking good beer together and watching screaming sports games, men take advantage of these without women trips to do what they consider male entertainment.

Such an idea that can very well be considered as “macho” behaivor leads them to fish while they scare away mosquitoes, visit bustling bars and follow their favorite soccer teams.

They deny that they are brief “escapades” of marriage but the way of “having fun for themselves.”

According to studies, “among men” can avoid, those who think so, long shopping in stores and visits to places for which they are not interested.

Women instead prefer cultural and historical sites, have interests often linked to well-being, and like to examine the communities they visit.

The female tourists also want to visit more distant and interesting places.

Following the guidelines, international agencies dedicated to female clients are organizing trips to sites in India, Thailand, Laos, Uganda and Costa Rica.

But Italy with its ancient culture and cuisine seems to be the most precious feminine objective.

It is true that more and more women go on vacation alone

Is also true that one of the most frequent female goals is to know how women live in the destinations they visit.

They seek to meet very active women, work and socially.

A recent study revealed that the segment of the so-called female tourism is the one with the highest potential demand in the global tourism industry.

And they are increasingly prone to independent travel.

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Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor