New York symposium on booming wellness sector

Homeowners, developers, architects, wellness experts and investors will meet in New York on September 28 for a crucial Symposium about booming sector of Wellness Real Estate & Communities

According to a notice from Michelle Gamble, Vice President of Global Business Development, during the Symposium virtual and in-person attendees will have access to a valuable portfolio that includes research, recordings of all sessions (to view at any time), exhibition properties with detailed data and more.

Delegates participating in person are also invited to a VIP reception the night before in Manhattan.

Ms. Gamble has estimated in her press note also sent it to Wellness Destiny that this event “is an ideal forum for participants to meet and connect with other spa owners, real estate developers, leading wellness experts, architects and investors.”

“There will be a strong agenda with keynote speakers, interactive panels and new research presented by GWI’s research directors on this growing wellness real estate sector,” added the VP of Global Business Development.

Wellness Destiny supports and shares that view and underscores the importance of encounters with spa owners, real estate developers, leading wellness experts, architects, and investors.

Wellness Destiny