The St Patrick’s whiskey

The inspirer of whiskey was St. Patrick, patron of Ireland

In his earthly days the religious brought to Ireland a  new technique of distillation that  began the long road to tourism of the uisce beatha, as it was known whiskey  in the Gaelic language.

After that Whiskey, barley brandy and pure water, took the road to the top of the hill.

St Patrick’s uisce beatha.

In 1170 the Normans of Henry II of England, Duke of Normandy were fond of strong, beneficial and  even resplendent uisce beatha before every fighting.

Normans baptized as whiskey. The brew of Saint Patrick is still making history,

Nowadays millions of people around the world “wet” their personal and collective parties with Scotch.

Edinburgh and  all Scotland have assumed centuries ago the whiskey as their own.

Soon  in Edinburgh  a building currently empty located in the beautiful Scottish ancient city could become a world-class whiskey center.

If the project Whiskey Tourism Offerings is approved will provide a  functional space for events related to an important Scotch brand, with venues and stages for music, theater, community relations and a bar-academy.

It is a product of great lineage in Scotland.

The region produces the best Scotch in the world. In Scotland and with the starting point in that city several routes  are offered.

Tourism  and drinking routes.

The tourism routers unite the traditional drink with the most fascinating  Scottish places, a call more than anything to the curious tourists.

The Scots specially recommend a route to be covered in a week that includes the most important distilleries in the country.

An example of what awaits vacationers is the Glenkinchie distillery, half an hour’s drive from Edinburgh,  a Victorian building built in 1825.

In its surroundings are preserved the old houses   where whiskey artisans used to live in the early years.

Some of the scotch qualities are still made in the traditional way, in wooden barrels and following the exact steps of two centuries ago.

In Inverness, a city that is already universal is Loch Ness with a typical Scottish legend about the evasive monster of the lake.

The whiskey that still produced Inverness is one of the best sellers worldwide for its soft quality.

It is claimed that drinking whiskey can prolong life.

Whiskey and Wellness

Perhaps because of its origins  a study in 2010 found that whiskey moderate drinkers had a lower overall mortality rate than heavy drinkers or even those who did not drink.

They also said that moderation the drink improves the affected throats and makes the voices sweet and angelic sounds.

But even people who do not seek an angelic voice can improve some ailments in their throat  if they mix warm water and honey with the very best Scotish whiskey.

Wellness Destiny Photo: Pixabay

Frank Martin

Periodista internacional y Editor

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