Nothing like a good bathing day

A good shower or a bath of warm water to calm the nerves provides a wide and peaceful well-being to the body.

Using the vital water for that moment of peace is not the only thing a quiet bath can do for us.

Since time immemorial, bathing has been practiced for hygienic, religious, ritual, social and therapeutic purposes.

All forms of bathing, especially mineral water baths, have been linked to health benefits.

Among the sufferings that the water fights are the treatment of chronic diseases, the increase of the circulation, the relief of the affections of the skin and the improvement of the dream.

The bathroom is a good offer of health tourism.

Numerous health, tourism and pleasure centers around the world demonstrate this point every day.

Each year, World Swimming Day celebrates the general importance of water and aims to raise awareness about the large part of the world’s population that does not have access to clean water.

Water is one of the most abundant resources on the planet and, by 2025, more than half of the world’s population will live in areas with limited access to safe water.

Currently, only one in nine people in the world has access to drinking water, and this number is expected to increase if measures are not taken to face the crisis.

That is bad news

The good news is that many work in favor of preserving water as a source of well-being.

One of those entities that deal with the wonderful liquid, the Hot Springs Initiative of the Global Welfare Institute and the board of directors of Bañe el Mundo Foundation.

Both has invited people and institutions to come together to celebrate the bathroom culture that we all share.

World Bath Day, on June 22, began in 2018 with 15 countries and around 50 hot springs.

This year 30-50 countries and hundreds of hot spring centers around the world have been involved.

Charles Davidson, president of the Thermal Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute, member of FEMTEC in Australia, said in a recent message that the day calls attention to a collective connection with the environment, and the accessibility that many people in the world they do not know

This is due to the simple act of bathing.

“We appreciate your participation, which can be as simple as taking a picture of your bathroom installation at sunrise on June 22 and sharing it on Instagram,” added Davidson.

How did the bath cult come about?

The Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar, Archimedes, discovered while bathing that the volume of an object could be accurately measured by immersing it in water.

Archimedes got out of the bathtub and shouted “Eureka, Eureka!” While running through the streets of Syracuse, Greece.

So the day chosen to commemorate is the day when it is believed that he came out of the bathtub … June 14.

Summer begins (then and today) on June 21, so a week before it is June 14 the date was established.

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Frank Martin

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