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Resetting the world of Balneology in the years of COVID

The serious and demanding socio-economic-structural moment that the Spa resorts, all over the world, are going through as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic,

The situation requires initiatives in all fields that will relaunch its role in the various related sectors of activity (health, environment and tourism).

 Unfortunately, the spa system in this situation, has not had the ability and the possibility to make its presence felt as a health care facility.

Of this FEMTEC has taken charge of some on-line meetings ( see the web site: www.femteconline.org

FEMTEC, as an Organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), aware of its institutional tasks, now proposes the issue of thermalism and environmental sustainability as a new possible direction of development.

In other word “Reset the balneology!
Photo Marina Pershina. Pixabay

The international round table,in wich will take part representatives from different continents ,for the first time  in the history of Femtec.

We  are glad to host Mrs Jannet Abbot,President of the Balneological Association of North America.( BANA).

The meeting has the also the  following aims” to analyze environmental sustainability as one of the fundamental elements of the modern vision of the concept of “global health” (One Health: man, animals, environment).

In this perspective, spas can collaborate in the development of the local economy and tourism, while at the same time enhancing their historical heritage and promoting the creation of virtuous networks in the area.

The Emagazine  Wellness Destiny”is a concrete proposal in this way

It is necessary to enhance and include this factor in the strategic lines of a modern spa, which therefore becomes a factor promoting development and attracting investment”).

The theme is also part of the new WHO-Europe strategies that have provided for the establishment of a Commission chaired by Professor Mario Monti”.

The International Round table during the VI All Russian Congress of Balneology  (28.11.2020) is promoted byNational Research and Clinical Center for Balneology and Rehabilitation ( Ministry of Health), Moscow. World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy ( FEMTEC)

Wellness Destiny Photo Henri Degrande Pixabay