Warning: Beware of love for sport.

Millions of people are sport lovers and for those who generally expand that kind of love to be players, the medical warning that they should be very careful with the body is valid.

Sports medicine warns with increasing emphasis that injuries that occur in  any sport game can be serious.

It is not uncommon for a sufficiently strong blow to the head to cause a concussion or a major injury to the cervical spine or neck.

More and more specialists in sports medicine insist that to practice a sport you have to take care of yourself as much as the activity allows.

They main prove is that professional players of any discipline dedicate half of their lives to play and the other half to massages, training and medical care.

But not only professional players are in danger of suffering injuries.

Also children, young people and sport amateurs in general jump to the stage, sometimes rudimentary, without any physical care.

For amateurs it is very real that their passion is intact but his physique is exposed.

Sports activities tend to be healthy, increase camaraderie and teamwork and facilitate pure fun.

But large and small injuries during a game can interfere with all the good consequences.

That occur especially when they are part of the game.

As advised by specialized medicine, children and adolescents should not participate in a single discipline.

That decision immerses the new athlete in the same practice all year.

Amateurs never take a break, which often leads to injuries.

It is proven by medicine that the neck is a biological power inside.

Is crucial for the human body and its activity. It must be flexible enough so that you can turn your head from side to side.

In addition, neck most be strong enough to support the head, which weighs about 10 pounds on average.

The stability of that crucial part of the body is based on an intricate arrangement of the vertebrae in the cervical spine.

There are seven vertebrae in perfect harmony and with their own shock absorbers.

The shock absorbers are actually called discs.

Head  and neck are vulnerable to strong falls, especially in rugby or American football.

In rugby football, for example, a player can fall and suffer both like in a car accident.

In both kinds of incidents, you can suffer sprains and strains of ligaments.

When the neck bends too much to one side due to a fall, pain similar to that caused by an electric shock may occur.

Such falls in any sport can have serious body consequences.

Serious injuries include severe and uncontrollable pain.

The pain triggers and passes to the arms or legs and causes numbness and even problems with bowel or bladder control.

The precautions are not only good for popular football or for American football.

It is worth knowing that doctors have a method to quickly combat minor sports injuries.

The RICE method is not related to normal rice.

Its acronym is due to the combination of words to ice, compression on a wound and the injured area.

And, in general, those sports injuries can be avoided.

Experts advise amateurs athletes to properly use the sports equipment advised by each discipline.

Good training is a great way to avoid hurt.

The lack of warm-up is very dangerous.

An inappropriate exercise plan can be also very dangerous. If you are an amateur athlete be careful with the lack of rest between activities or about a previous injury.

If you cannot live without sports, a very healthy feature, remember that there are very good masseurs everywhere that relieve muscle aches under too much stress.

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Frank Martin

Frank Martin

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